Bruce Wayne & The Abandoned House

This is no fan fiction, be warned.
Abandoned Warehouse
Abandoned Warehouse
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Wayne Manor
Wayne Manor
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Wayne Manor is the biggest estate in the whole of Gotham that housed the Wayne family. It has its own gardens, pools, garages and also a cemetery for the deceased members of the Wayne family. Adjoining it is a vast farmland with a warehouse.

This warehouse had been abandoned during the days of Patrick Wayne (Bruce's grandfather). There was something notorious about this warehouse though. Paranormal activities had been sighted by many, including Bruce's father - when he was young. People dreaded getting close to it, even the Wayne's were cautious so as to not get close to it.

A particular night, Thomas and Martha Wayne had gone for a theatrical with little Bruce. However, Bruce got a little sick in the middle of the show and so they left early. On their way back, they are confronted with a small time thief. The thief asked for Martha's pearl necklace. When she refused to give it away. He shot down both Thomas and Martha, leaving poor Bruce stranded.

Bruce is filled with grief, blaming himself for his parents death. He told Alfred, "Had I not insisted on leaving early, they would have been alive today". Alfred - the Wayne family butler - tries to explain Bruce, "It was all just an accident, Mater Wayne. Somethings cannot be predicted and this was just one of those things". 

The bodies of Thomas and Martha Wayne were being taken to the cemetery for the funeral ceremony. On the way to the graveyard, Bruce could no longer hold back his grief and he dashes towards the gate that lead to the abandoned farmland.

"Nooooo" cried out Alfred, but it was too late. Bruce already went past the gate and headed straight in to the abandoned warehouse. Blinded by his tears, he did not know where he was rushing to. He only wanted an isolated place to pour out his emotions. Staggering he went, till at last he fell down. There he sat down and wept.

After a while he got back to normalcy, but he was not able to make out where he was. It was completely dark in there, with only a little light entering by the partially closed door and small cracks in the window panes.

Bruce tried to get back out and started towards the door. In this process, he accidentally pulled the light switch on when he stumbled.

No sooner the lights were on, he came to face with the most creepy looking creature. A sac bag for a head with buttons stitched in place of eyes and stacks of hay poking out from the clothes in place of limbs. This scarecrow scared the shit out of little Bruce. A moment later Bruce realized he was screaming, "HELP! HELP!".

Just when Alfred reached the warehouse, he heard his little master crying for help. With no second thoughts Alfred rushed in. He found Bruce surrounded by quiet a few scarecrows. He pulls them aside and wraps little Wayne in his arms and takes him away.

From that day Bruce Wayne was afraid of scarecrows. Alfred tried to help him from this phobia but to no use. Bruce always used to have this one particular dream every night. In his dreams he saw scarecrows in that alley shooting hay spikes at his parents and killing then and then dragging him away from their lifeless bodies into the dark. 

Years later Bruce left everything and went around the globe training himself in every form of martial arts to get himself strong. He always wondered if he was strong enough, he could have saved his parents. In this process he met Ra's al Ghul - leader of the League of Assassins. Ra's promised to train the young billionaire with all the skills he knew.

The final thing to be trained in was to overcome ones own fear. When Ra's questioned, "Bruce, what is the one thing you fear?" He replied, "Scarecrows".

Ra's and all his students rolled on the floor laughing when they heard this. They mocked him every single day of his training from that day on. Nevertheless Ra's helped Wayne complete his training.

Bruce fostered all his training on this mockery and when his training was completed he assassinated Ra's al Ghul and all his students. He named himself The Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow
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Even after eliminating the entire League of Assassins in his fit of rage, The Scarecrow didn't seem to stop. He went around wearing a sac bag over his head with holes for eyes and rag stitches at the mouth. And started instigating fear of the scarecrow among civilians and criminals alike. His only motive was to create a fear for the scarecrow all around the world.

It was only when he returned back to Gotham and killed poor Alfred, that he realized how evil he had become. To stop this scarecrow inside him, he visited Lucius Fox, the head of Wayne Tech, to create a time machine for him. He planned on going back to the time when little Bruce goes into that abandoned warehouse. But due to some error, Bruce landed 2 generations back in time and the machine broke down, leaving him stranded in the time of his grandfather, Patrick Wayne.

The only possible hope he had, was to occupy the warehouse and create fear among people there, so that few generations later the fear of haunted warehouse would stop little Bruce from entering.

And so he went on to kill the farmer and his family and occupied the warehouse. He always made sure that no one ever came closer to the warehouse until the day he died.

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