Hello, Friend !!

Dear Friend,

Hello, old friend. Hope this letter finds you in the pink of health. I'm doing fine here. Its been a really long time since I wrote you a letter. Wait, its been a really long time since I actually wrote a letter. It was only during the good old school days that we ever wrote such letters, I guess.

Today being friendship day, I write you this letter. To talk on things we missed together and revive our relation. It might have been many days or perhaps years, that I have not spoken to you. Or maybe we just caught up yesterday. I don't remember. You know, right? That sometimes I have a hard time remembering stuff.

Oh from this I remembered. Do you know how we first met? Was it that in school/college that you were sitting next to me and one of said 'Hi'. Or was it at some event that we met. Or was it while having in the office during work or maybe at lunch that we just smiled. Its all hazy in the skull. Maybe if you remember you can help me out. That's what friends do, right?

Why did we become friends? Its hard to answer. But one thing I know to be true. I might stay in contact with you or just drift away for a while, but I will always remember you. Its not your money, fame or sweet talks that entices me. I will remember you for you.

There is a lot to talk about. This letter is just too short to talk about it all. Maybe you could call up or just a message whenever you are free. Will be waiting for your reply.

Your Friend,

This letter addresses all my friends, close or far, good or bad, doesn't matter.

Happy Friendship Day!!

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