Story yet Unwritten

It was a clear day. He was riding. Not knowing where he was going. He had been lost. Lost in his thoughts. Such things seldom happened.

This morning had been like all other mornings for Sujoy. He had come to office in a very pleasant mood. Met his breakfast friends, like usual. Made fun of few people, cracked a few stupid jokes, maybe even annoyed a person or two. But no one would ever get angry at him for more than a few minutes. That was how Sujoy lived life.

All went well until lunch. Post lunch he happened to meet a friend of his. He used to meet her almost regularly, annoy her, talk to her, listen to her.

Sujoy had a child's curiosity though. Just like a child won't stop playing with a scissor unless he/she cut his/her finger.  So did Sujoy like to find the threshold of things or people.

This curiosity got him to trouble with her today. One of his japes upset her to the extent, that she told him to get out of her sight and never talk to her. He tried to apologize but to no success.

Feeling stupid for what happened, but now he didn't know what was to be done. Never in his life had he lost a friend. Dejected of his folly, he could not concentrate on the work at hand. Frustrated, he picked up his bag and set on the road. Turned to take the highway and just followed the road.

His bike out on the road was the only solace. But even then he couldn't help of thinking about what he had done. He was talking to himself. Conflicting thoughts running through his head.

What I had done was not right but I apologized. How could she do this to me. Maybe she is right to end the friendship. Am I really that bad. I didn't mean to. What can I do to make it right. Even I'll not speak with her.

Hardly did he pay attention to the road. Tears welling up in his eyes. He had never cried in past 10 years. How could he cry now. No, he couldn't cry for a person who didn't understand him.

By the time he came to his senses, he had reached Lonavala. He had been here a few times before, to admire the nature around, never to reflect on the things he done. He parked the bike at the usual spot and sat down by the food stalls, trying not to think anything.

Time passed by. Soon minutes turned to hours. He had slept with eyes wide open or maybe he was lost in nothingness who could say. Finally he decided to return when the sun had gone down.

He finally decided to consort with his curiosity. He couldn't change for a single person. When he got back home, none of his friends knew what had happened, nor would they ever know unless the same incident happened with them.

For the first time he came to know himself. The self no one knew.

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This is a part of IndiSpire post: No one knows you better than yourself.... Peep into your heart and describe yourself in one sentence #Knowyourself


  1. I know I can be really impossible and irrational sometimes but that is who I am. Take it or not I don't care. #knowyourself

    1. It is worthless changing for everyone/anyone, better stay the same. 😉

  2. Nice post about self realization!


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